The items shown below are for sale by Cascade Pacific Council, Portland, Oregon.

To purchase any item, please contact

Al Sakai, (503) 255-5747 (daytime business hours, Pacific Time), or

e-mail him at

Or, use the downloadable order form and mail in your order.

Proceeds from these sales benefit the Cascade Pacific Council endowment fund to further promote a quality program for all Scouts!

There are limited numbers of each item.  If an item is sold out, it will be removed from the list, or marked "sold out," as soon as possible.  Order now to make sure you get what you want!  Postage and Handling is in addition to each item; minimum postage is $1.00 for the first item, plus $0.50 for each additional item.

Click on the thumbnail pictures below to see a larger picture.

Item # Price Each Thumbnail Description
01 $10 90th Anniversary CSP, SA-35
02 $10 Eagle Scout Association CSP, SA-41
03 $50 2003 FOS $130 Donator CSP, SA-43
04 $100 2003 FOS Key Contributor Recognition CSP, very limited quantity, SA-42
05 $50 2004 FOS $130 Donator CSP, SA-49
06 $100 2004 FOS Key Contributor Recognition CSP, very limited quantity, SA-50
07 $130 2005 FOS $130 Donator CSP, brand new!, SA-??
08 $25 2004 Ed Harris Memorial Trade-o-ree CSP. only 300 made, SA-51?
09 $5 Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge 442 Scoutrageous 2000, eS2000-2
10 $25

Set of 3 Camp Pioneer 2004:

    Camper blue border

    Staff silver metallic border

    Senior Patrol Leader yellow border

11 $5 Camp Pioneer 2000, X-??
12 $3 Gilbert Ranch - Ride For The Brand
13 $3 Camp Baldwin - Pride of CPC (Cascade Pacific Council)
14 $3 CPC / NW High Adventure Gateway
15 $3 Camp Meriwether 2004 - Corps of Discovery
16 $10 Charter Member CSP, S-1, First CSP!
17 $5 Scoutrageous 2000 / 70th Anniversary Cub Scouts, SA-36
18 $5 Scoutrageous 2000 / 90th Anniversary of B.S.A., SA-37

Descriptions and identifications are accurate to the best of our ability.  The Blue Book was used as the numbering reference for OA issues, and An Aid To Collecting Selected Council Shoulder Patches with Valuation Guide was used as the numbering reference for CSP issues.

This list, and available items, are subject to change without notice.